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Organizations generate records in different forms from memos, invoices to contracts most of which find their way through the corridors of your office and in the hands of recipients in and out of the office. With controlled access, document management systems shall help your organization keep and track records through enhanced tools providing versioning, audit trails, access control.

Datatrack provides Document Management Solutions to clients. Our solutions focus on addressing our customers’ needs – while some of these solutions are reliant on industry leading products, we have also developed and customized our own products to meet specific needs of our clients.

A clear understanding of both records management and document imaging make us your reliable service provider in guiding you from dealing with streamlining paper-based environment to handling digitization activities. We provide the following: –

  • Preliminary sorting of records
  • Records reorganization
  • Consulting on offsite transfer and storage
  • Scanning and indexing of records

Membership software is a computer software which provides associations, clubs and other membership organizations with the functionality they require to provide their services to their members. We provide an online membership management system that is integrated to allow members make applications and all the while, receive notifications and audit trails to the point of generating licenses for the members.

Our solutions enable online registration, tracking, collection of fees, reporting. These solutions have been customized in many different ways to meet customer specific demands.

M&E systems help organizations assess and manage performances so the right improvements can be made. Using M&E software helps your organization become more transparent, because the end product can help prove that donor money is, in fact, making a difference, and the internal controls in place are working as they were intended. The M&E software we provide is web based and allows for monitoring and evaluation online. It can be used to:

  • Manage projects.
  • Track KPIs.
  • Take control of reporting.
  • Integrate data.
  • Align programs to strategy.
  • Perform data analytics

Datatrack also provides Human Resource Management Solutions on a web-based platform. The solution is setup on modules provided as a service (SaaS) and consists of features like: –

  • Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Time and attendance management
  • Finance – Payroll, benefits, deductions and performance management
  • Leave management
  • Reporting

We started developing Information and Case Management Systems (ICMS) as to help NGO’s track the support they provide to individuals. This has now been moved into Legal case management systems which assist lawyers or law firms manage their cases including client records, schedules and appointments, deadlines, billing and bookkeeping, computer files, and documents. ICMS solutions can be applied to just almost any type of industry depending on specific custom needs.

Our solutions focus on the capture of information, reducing duplication, consolidation, workflows and eventually reporting in various formats.

We develop software applications for different platforms (desktop, web and mobile apps). Datatrack has experts with so many years of experience in custom software development. Our expertise comprises a comprehensive set of open-source and proprietary technologies that allows us to execute the most challenging and complex projects and satisfy customer requirements, expectations and preferences.

To cut costs and ensure effective results we allocate well-balanced project teams that fit the project goals and software requirements best. Our developers, software architects, analysts, coordinators and project managers take advantage of the Datatrack knowledge

management system and continuous process improvements.
An extensive hands-on implementation experience allows Datatrack to extract only the most efficient practices from all the used methodologies taking into account only real needs in the efficient, transparent and predictable process. We provide mature and quality project management, focusing on the vital elements:

  •  Project communication
  • Requirements management
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Reporting and intermediate deliveries

We offer cost effective, reliable and cutting edge IT Infrastructure & Licensing solutions that help businesses to extract maximum value from their IT investments, increase productivity & efficiency, monitor & manage infrastructure components and take proactive & remedial actions across the IT landscape:

  • ICT Infrastructure Assessment and Optimization
  • Infrastructure setup and administration – servers, network, security
  • Storage and Hosting Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Networking – LAN, WAN, Wire-line and Wireless
  • Virtualization & Consolidation Solutions Collaboration
  • Access Control Systems

Datatrack is a pre-eminent provider of ICT solutions and training. The company has made its mark by providing practical training in areas like basic computer knowledge, hardware, Networking, programming and other ICT related training skills to help users adopt on job skills and empower the rising demand for on-job ICT skills

Focused training: Datatrack provides training for all IT domains, from basic IT skills and Business Intelligence, to Project Management and Security, from databases to Web Design and Development. Our instructors focus on hands-on classroom and lab training experience to give participants the confidence of implementing solutions comfortably

in real life scenarios. We offer on-site training for clients who wish to train their staff customer premises.

One-on-one training: We provide both one-on-one & mentored training. One-on-one training is not the same as mentoring. Mentoring, by definition, is support and guidance provided for self-learning. One-on-one training is actually instructor-led training where the instructor is present all the time (unlike mentoring) and it is classroom training (and not self-learning). Since 2010, Datatrack has been providing trainers from a pool of certified and competent instructors with one of the lowest attrition rates in the IT industry. We provides training for all IT domains, from basic IT skills and Business Intelligence, to Project Management and Security, from databases to Web Design and Development. Our instructors focus on hands-on classroom and lab training experience to give participants the confidence of implementing solutions comfortably in real life scenarios. We offer onsite training for clients who wish to train their staff customer premises.

We at focus on delivering End-to-End Cyber Security Solutions , services & education in order to address the ongoing security challeges including Ever increasing Cyber Threats, Lack of Skilled resources & Changing IT infra. Our approach is main differentiation for us as we believe in Understanding customer pain areas & then only help them with right solutions with right services which will help them to reduce the cyber risk.
Some of the services we provide include

  •  Cyber Security Assessment
  • Virus Outbreak Handling
  • Security Solution Health Checks
  • Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing
  • Security printing solutions

The modern business world is a highly competitive and very unpredictable arena. Businesses need to invest in tools that can create robust structures, processes and strategies – strong enough to react to these changes accurately without compromising on quality or cost.

Today, enterprises need to recognize and drive innovation to be ahead of the mainstream. From resolving specific IT-related issues to strategic business transformation fueled by IT, Datatrack delivers technology consulting services to companies across multiple domain areas.

Part of this investment is to entrust your IT infrastructure to reliable partners with the functional know-how, detailed understanding, resources and in-depth expertise to ensure that your business, management and staff use Information Technology efficiently and effectively and in-line with your goals and business challenges. As an essential and integral part of your business strategy, your IT infrastructure should serve as a strong central nervous system that interacts with your employees, clients, suppliers, media and management – and investing in effective IT consulting services will help you achieve that and much more.

We offer comprehensive software services that cover the full development and implementation cycle of your IT project including a full range of consulting services:

  • IT Infrastructure Audit
  • IT Strategy Development
  • Software Architecture Review and Planning
  • Application Security Consulting
  • Project Requirements Definition and Design
  • Choice of Technology / Framework
  • Business Process Analysis and Formalization

With experience in software development, implementation, quality assurance and software support, Datatrack advisory services are built on a deep understanding of all business and functional requirements as well as ambiguous nuances of business workflows. Thus, the combination of technology expertise and automation strategy
knowledge empower Datatrack to provide customers with the first-class services, which ensure improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, risk mitigation.